Hand in Hand

As young girls we have so many questions about our future...

Will I be brave and brilliant? Will I be successful and strong? Who will I marry and what career path will I choose? Will I be happy?

We embark on this grand adventure of discovery, trying to find the answers to those very questions.

We have an idea of what it means to be this perfect Proverbs 31 woman – and while we may never become this lady in her entirety, as time goes on, we learn that it’s never really been about the arrival. It’s always been about the process.

Slowly the silhouette of a godly woman begins to take shape in our lives.

The most important lesson that we could learn throughout this course, is that we are not alone in our quest.  We are all driven by the same power and consumed by the same questions. The struggle is not unique to any of us. We are surrounded by an army of sisters all over the globe... So hand in hand, with Christ as our guide, let’s walk this path together.